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Lo do I see my Father.
Lo do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers.
Lo do I see the line of my people back to the beginning.
Lo they do call to me.
They bid me to take my place among them in the Halls of Valhalla.
Where the brave may live forever!
From the 13 Th. Warrior

For Warriors Only
Viking Armor  -  Medieval Armour  -  Warrior Jewelry  -  Gothic  -  Spiked  -  Biker
Custom Jewelry  -  TV and Movie Armor and Jewelry  -  Exotic Weapons
Celtic Jewelry  -  Pendants  -  Rune Jewelry  -  Mythical and Medieval Jewelry
Retail and Wholesale Sales

 Axels Warrior Jewelry and Armor
The Black Widow
Solid sterling with red enamel hourglass.
Scorpion King Bracelet

Scorpion measures 3 3/4 inches high.
Bracelet 4 3/8
 Solid Sterling Silver. 20 carnelian stones
Garnet eyes.

Black Widow Spider also available.
Gemstone hourglass

New Items Added Weekly
Jewelry for the Warrior in you.
Extraordinary art, jewelry and armour
Mythical, Medieval and custom made Warrior jewelry and armor
 from your favorite TV shows and movies.
Statement making designs from days gone by.
With full fabricating, design, machining, and engraving
and jewelry making capabilities.
We work with all metals, gemstones and mediums.
We serve the motion picture and theater industry
with theatrical combat armor and jewelry.
We have worked with armourers on many full scale movie productions
to help supplying armor pieces, jewelry and weapons.
Send us a picture of the item you would like made.
We can supply one to one million.
Wholesale available on most items.
We make armour and jewelry from Mad Max, Beastmaster, Zena,
13 Warrior, Witchblade, Hercules and from any movie or show.
Just send us a picture or send a description and we price it for you.
We offer TV and movie theme jewelry and armour
Viking and Celtic jewelry  -  Armour displays
Gothic Jewelry  -  Gauntlets
Spiked Jewelry  -  Battle shields
Battle axes and daggers  -  Biker accessories
Witchblade jewelry  -  Mad Max armour
Warrior bracelets  -  Celtic cross pendants
"XXX" the bracelet  -  Rune jewelry  -  Viking Rings
Themes include Viking, Asatru, Pagan, Celtic, mythical, medieval, gothic, spiked, biker and warrior themes.
The artist Axel has been compared to Da Vinci.
His ability to create art of all types is remarkable.
From sketching, painting, sculpting, jewelry, armor making
engraving, repouse and designing exotic works.
A creative genius to say the least.
Every endeavor taken on by Axel is done with meticulous detail.
Works of art that will last an eternity.